There are days when there is no time for a flurry of activities, and all you want to do is have a decent meal. Our trip to Kitchen 79 was one such day. The place has good reviews, lovely photos on Yelp, and is conveniently located in Jackson Heights, Queens, so it was an easy decision to go.

Service was very good. We had a very friendly waitress, who understood when we had things wrapped up that we were saving space for the rest of our meal , when what we usually get is a slightly perturbed look that seems to say “Are you sure you liked the food?”.

They had great interior decor, the highlight of which was a rather interesting steampunk clock.


They had reallly comfortable leather chairs. I mean REALLY comfortable. And look, what’s this, massive mugs of drinks?!?!

I of course had the Thai iced tea.

The mug was as big as my face

There was a baby shower when we got there, which wasn’t surprising. I wouldn’t mind someday having a small gathering there myself. Service was amazing, the decor was wonderful, and the food blew our socks off. It was one of the very few times I’ve ever had the urge to say ‘hats off to the chef’. This was only the third meal we’ve ever had where we where completely satisfied from appetizer to dessert. The two other times, Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy, and Del Frisco’s in Manhattan, I believe we ended up paying at least five times for the meal.

We had the following for our appetizers:

Kanom Jeeb – Fried dumpling with minced chicken and mushroom. This was PERFECT with the sweet soy sauce. The minced chicken was nicely flavored and the texture of the fried dumpling was good.

Po Pia Sod – Thai fresh spring rolls stuffed with cucumber, bean sprouts, egg, scallions, bean curd, and topped with peanut & tamarind sauce. These were as fresh as you’d want, but definitely on the lighter side (which is exactly what I wanted).

Fried chicken dumpling and Thai fresh spring rolls

For his main, Mike had the Khao Phad Ka Prow – basil fried rice with choice of meat, onion, scallion, bell pepper and basil leaves. This is his usual order, without veggies. This is one of the few things he orders from Thai places, so he can be quite judgemental about it, but it more than passed his judgement, and was extremely flavorful even without any veggies other than the basil.


Basil fried rice with chicken

For my main, I had the Gauy Tiew Ped Toon Noodle – duck noodle soup with bean spouts, Chinese broccoli and scallion. This is really what I came for, and boy did I make the right decision. I’m usually not into soups unless it’s ramen, but with the thin noodles that came with this soup, it might as well have been ramen. The broth was really flavorful, perfect for the winter day when we hauled ourselves to Jackson Heights for this. And the broth, as well as the taste and texture of the extremely tender duck reminded me of the Filipino dish “humba” (a sweet version of pork adobo, adding brown sugar, black beans, and banana blossoms) or the Chinese dish “hong ba” (braised pork knuckle or belly). Definitely going to try to make this at home. In fact I immediately Googled the recipe when we got back, and it’s sitting in my bookmarks just waiting for the day I finally get the inspiration to try it.

Duck noodle soup


Duck noodle soup


For dessert, I had their lychee creme brulee. It was firmer than other creme brulees I’ve had, and was really, really good. Mike told me I made “the face” that I make when something is phenomenal as I took the first bite.


Michael is always drawn to fried banana (aka ‘turon’) whenever he sees it on a menu. This one came with coconut ice cream. It was perfectly crispy turon with a very balanced banana flavor, and a creamy coconut ice cream.


The meal was absolutely perfect already, and then, it started snowing for the first time that season.

We took most of our entrees home (which is what we normally do, in case you were wondering why we’re not both 300 lbs), and enjoyed the rest of the meal for dinner, at home, in our jammies.

Kitchen 79
37-70 79th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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