Located about an hour from Midtown Manhattan by subway and bus (about 30 minutes by car), Wave Hill is a perfect day trip to escape from the city. Despite the fact that the year-round activities available such as family art projects and yoga make it a popular destination, the expansive grounds guarantee there will be a quiet spot for you to sit and read a book (or in the case of the gentleman below, surf on his laptop). Also, the food from the cafe is amazing. They have a mixture of local New York specialties (such as Blue Marble ice cream) and some light fare such as tea sandwiches and scones. They also make one of the best croque monsieurs I’ve ever had in my life. Even their gift shop is lovely, offering a wide array of local goods such as jams and honeys, and even some picnic gear for those who are so inspired.


































Wave Hill

675 W 252nd St
Bronx, NY 10471
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