March 11th – Something Good: Lunch for tomorrow! Shrimp-and-Orzo Paella made by Michael (recipe from Fitness magazine).

March 12th – Partial: A partial view of one of our fake house plants. I used to be against getting fake displays, but I like having “sunflowers” all year round.

March 13th and 14th – Fresh/Care: Coconut Berry Trifle in a Jar with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Testing out one of my favorite dessert recipes, since I haven’t made it in a while and need it for this weekend. I’ve been cutting back on making desserts lately, but whenever I make them they’re always made with care.

March 22nd – Morning : One of my favorite brunch places in the city.

March 23rd – I’m Loving: My weakness is doing portraits because I have a hard time taking good photos of strangers, so I’m glad when I get a chance to take some of people in my life. I’m loving this one of one of my best friends in high school and her husband.

March 27th – Something I Made: This morning’s breakfast spread. It’s not usually as fancy, but we have guests staying over. I made the egg, bacon, and toast cups.

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