…and I am a bookaholic.

Recently two of my major hobbies have been warring for my time: blogging and reading. I go through phases with most of my hobbies, and the worst is usually when I find a great TV series or a great book series. Since I started this blog I’ve tried to do at least one walk a week, except for that holiday stretch when it became impossible for me to write. This week I’ve been postponing writing about a great walk because I started on a great fantasy series called the “Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss, so I pretty much have had no desire to do anything other than lie on the couch reading ’til I can barely open my eyes (around 2:30-3 am).

This made me think of a short entry I could do.

Signs That I Like a Book I’m Reading / a Show I’m Watching

1. I sleep 2 am at the earliest, or don’t sleep at all at the latest
2. People talk to me but I don’t notice unless they yell at me or shake/poke me.
3. My eyes are bloodshot (from looking at a book/the tv for hours and hours)
4. I have a (bigger?) belly coz I can’t be bothered to cook therefore order out every single day
5. I laugh/get teary eyed for no apparent reason (thinking of the book/show)
6. I walk around in a haze, because half my mind is in the world of the book/show
7. I get mad at people for simple transgressions (likely because I was thinking about more serious transgressions that I read about/watched)

The last one doesn’t happen that often, but if you’ve been a victim of it, I apologize :). Come to think of it these symptoms are eerily similar to other (more dangerous) addictions, so I guess I should count myself lucky that mine are relatively harmless, despite the similarities.

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