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2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Hello all! I’ve been MIA again recently as you know, working on uh, wrecking all the hard work I’ve done with last January’s new year’s resolutions by watching Kdramas, re-reading several of my favorite fantasy series (if you’re curious, I’ve…

March Photo a Day

Life, Photo a Day

March 11th – Something Good: Lunch for tomorrow! Shrimp-and-Orzo Paella made by Michael (recipe from Fitness magazine). March 12th – Partial: A partial view of one of our fake house plants. I used to be against getting fake displays, but I…

February Photo a Day

Life, Photo a Day

I’ve AGAIN been a little lax with blogging lately, and I have no excuse other than that I’m uninspired by the insane winter we’ve been having. Here are some favorite Photo a Day posts from February though: February 2nd –…

Photo a Day – January 8th to 31st

Life, Photo a Day

I’ve been a little lax with blogging lately, but January has just been so busy! Which is a good thing. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the last 3 weeks. January 13th – Makes Me Smile: My…

Photo a Day: Pink (October 9th)

Life, Photo a Day

I ordered something from Sephora that arrived a day before. It was only one item, but they give free samples when you order online, and I got this tiny bottle of Miss DiorĀ from them thanks to my Beauty Insider points….

Photo a Day: In Motion (October 4th)

Life, Photo a Day

I decided to start doing the FMS Photo a Day Challenge at the urging of my bestie, but I couldn’t go out yesterday because I was coming from work, so I took a few shots of my pets Gizmo and…