The sun was out and it felt warm for the first time in what seems like a very loooong time today, so despite still feeling a bit out of the weather, we made an effort to drive out somewhere (after sleeping ’til like, noon-ish, hehe). We picked the perfect “walk”. A very short walk around the SoNo Marketplace, which, according to their site, “is a European style market with over 50 local merchants, artisans and delicious food all under one roof!”. This meant there was so much to see, and everything I usually go for was there: food, home goods, jewelry, coffee, clothes, bakeries, and even a bar, though to be honest I very rarely go to those.

We started with lunch, because I was absolutely starving. They have at least two fresh seafood stalls in there, but I went for “Bloom Bros. Lobsters and Clams”, which makes lobster sliders with tarragon (no butter or mayo), which they call “New School”. These are not sophisticated in ANY WAY, but they were good, and they were healthy.

After ordering, you can sit down at one of the long tables they have, decorated with an assortment of flower pots. If you weren’t on a spring diet like me, you probably would have decided to get something from “Chocopologie” as well, which serves crepes, in addition to cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate truffles.

As we waited for the food, I appreciated the flowers, and the chandeliers they use to light the place. Every single one is different from the other.

Right beside our table was “Maura & Nuccia Italian Artisan Desserts”, which gives away free biscotti pieces, and sells gluten-free desserts. We vowed to try one of their pies sometime.

There was a tea shop that also sold tea kettle and cup sets, with a sign that said “pay at Momo Sushi”. Apparently people in Connecticut trust each other enough to do this kind of thing. Momo Sushi was on the other side of the building. They sold “fork and spoon” chopsticks there as well for $15.

There were various jewelry shops, but I just went on an online jewelry shopping binge recently, so I wasn’t really looking for anything. My favorite store today was ReFABulous Furnishings by Machette Restoration.

I was first drawn to this vinyl and cd dessert or decor tower. Too bad it doesn’t go with our apartment.

I was next drawn to a pair of decorated teacups that were hanging from the side of the store. I took a photo of one of them the first time we walked past the store. I didn’t even notice the nerdy reference until I had bought it, brought it home, and uploaded a photo.

I walked out with a somewhat unhealthy (oops) mochaccino from the Flat White Coffee Company, which I paid for via workout later. It was well worth it.

I’m definitely looking forward to going back there, especially since they will be opening up a farmer’s market outside as well in the spring.

314 Wilson Ave
Norwalk, CT 06854
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